Crusade Collectibles Card Consignment

Crusade Sports Cards Consignment & Ultra High-End Value/Price Maximization Steps:

  1. Research the item available for sale and find comps closest in similarity to the item.
  2. Reach out to our contacts at the high-end auction houses and in our sports card circle of dealers to see if there are any private buyers that are interested before we sell it to the public. We do this before we authenticate the item in case the private buyer wants a specific authentication company. It makes no sense for us to authenticate with PSA if the buyer wants it in an SGC slab for their private collection.
  3. Decide which authentication service to use (PSA, SGC, BGS, etc.) and authenticate and/or grade the item for sale depending on the condition, comps, population report, etc.
  4. After we receive the item back, reach out again to the potential private investors who showed interest in the item before authentication. Buyers will likely be much more interested and will suddenly be willing to significantly increase their offer once we have the item back in hand already authenticated. For items of this level, the buyer may fly us out or want to fly to us to do the exchange in person all of which we are able to handle.
  5. If no private buyer is found, list the item for sale on all of our selling platforms like eBay, Mercari, WhatNot, MySlabs, etc. Start out with Buy It Now option but if news drops and the item get hot Auction it off with a Reserve Bid.
  6. Costs will include shipping and insurance of items to us, to the authentication and/or grading companies and to the final buyer. Packing and shipping costs, time and materials can be covered by us. All costs can be covered by us originally so that you are not out-of-pocket anything to start. Cheaper items can be sold first and quickly to fund the costs for the rest of extremely rare and expensive items that will likely take longer to sell.
  7. Profit split – 75% to You / 25% to Crusade Sports Cards. This will be an all profit split after all the costs have been paid for so you will not need to pay anything up front and will continue to receive funds as the items sell off. This also includes all the time spent by Crusade Sports Cards for researching, calling, negotiating, shipping, and listing the items on our end as well as dealing with any customer service related to the items.

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