What is the World Series of Sports Cards?

The World Series of Sports Cards (WSoSC) is a new, trending fusion card game that combines the elements of Sports Card Case / Box / Pack Breaks and Pack / Box Battles with Texas Hold'Em Poker and various other card games. It was created and founded by Ryan Muetzel of Crusade Sports Cards in Austin, TX. The game has quickly grown in popularity as a great way for card collectors to trade their cards in a fun and festive game atmosphere in a similar manner to Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering card games.

The game begins with players holding Pack / Box Battles with each other in a Battle'Em. A Pack or Box Battle'Em is when players each open the same brand of pack or box and then each player picks out which card(s) they believe is the most valuable. Once each player has picked their card(s), the values of the cards are determined by using popular sports card apps and the player with the most valuable card(s) wins all the cards in the packs/boxes that were opened for that particular battle by both players. Battles with the other packs and boxes then continue until the Battle'Em in completed.

After all the packs and boxes are opened, the players decide which cards they value and want to keep and take home and which cards they wish to continue to play with that they do not value. All the cards that will be put in play have approximate resale values attributed to them based on recent comps, and play continues in the same manner as Texas Hold'Em Poker. The big difference is that players can take cards off of the table or add cards to the table whenever they like. This creates a game for players to trade cards they do not want while winning and keeping the cards they do want to keep for their personal collection. Thus, this game is called Texas Trade'Em.