Texas Trade’Em Game Play

World Series of Sports Cards - Texas Trade ’Em Game Play

There are 2 options to begin the game:

  1. The players can divide the packs/boxes up between the players playing the game and everyone can immediately open their cards and begin playing Texas Trade’Em.
  2. The Players can divide up the packs/boxes by holding a Pack / Box Battle’Em. If the players decide to have a Pack / Box Battle’Em, the players take turns picking a pack from their boxes and whichever player hits the best card out of the 2 packs wins all the cards from both packs. Play continues until all the packs have been opened and all the cards have been divided up between the players.

Once all the cards have been divided up, it is time to start playing Texas Trade’Em!

  1. Players should put all their cards into the Soft Sleeve protectors and put their best and most expensive cards into the Hard Top Loaders.
  2. Players then should decide which cards they opened that they want to keep and pull those cards out of play to ensure that those cards go home with them.
  3. To prevent any issues or arguing later, all players participating in the game should then determine equivalent valuations of the cards they are putting into play. The best way to do this is to use similar value or comps from eBay, the Sports Cards Investor app or any other comparative comp websites that all players agree upon. One example of this would be:
  • Common Cards in Soft Sleeves with No Stickers valued around $1
  • Non-Common Cards around $5 or under in Soft Sleeves with a Red Sticker
  • Cards around $5 -$10 in Top Loaders with a Blue Sticker
  • Cards around $10-$20 in Top Loaders with a Green Sticker
  • Cards $20+ in Top Loaders with a Green Sticker and agreed upon value written on the sticker using the pen included with the Starter Pack

As soon as all players participating in the game agree upon all the approximate valuations for all the cards being entered into the game, the Texas Trade’Em portion of the World Series of Sports Cards can begin!

4. Texas Trade’Em has similar and equivalent game play to Texas Hold’Em Poker with the main differences being sports cards are used instead of chips and players may pull cards out of the game in order to keep and take them home at any time in between hands.

Just like in Texas Hold’Em Poker, big and small blinds are used and the dealer changes every hand. In the example above, the big blind would post 2 common cards in soft sleeves and the small blind would post 1 common card in soft sleeve in order to get the round of poker started. Play would continue with the flop, the turn, and the river, with players showing their cards in the final show down where winner takes all.

This is a great way to trade cards with your friends as you can trade cards that you do not want to keep or value very much and then whenever you win a pot of cards, you can keep and take out of play the cards that you won that you want to take home and not risk losing to another player.

Players also have the option to add other cards into the game at any time as long as all other players participating agree on the value and have the option to add cards as well. Play continues until players no longer want to play or until one player has won all the cards that the players who are participating wish to put into play. With that in mind, it is now time to Shuffle Up and Trade and begin playing the World Series of Sports Cards & Texas Trade'Em!

Good Luck and have Fun Trading!

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